We are cumbriaweb.

Creating beautiful websites for forward looking individuals, smart businesses and non-profits.

Who we are.

We are CumbriaWeb, aka JayDee. I'm a caffine dependant web designer and site support provider, based in The South Lakes region of beautiful Cumbria, England, working to deliver awesome websites for people, businesses and non-profits wherever they may be. Sometimes I create articles about webdesign, life and other good stuff. Sometimes I just sit on my butt all day and watch Netflix.


Creative Director, Designer, Developer and all round good egg

Website Design & Development

We make beautiful easy to use websites for all sorts of people, business and non-profit organisations. From portfolio sites for artists and athletes, list-building and content publishing sites, to ecommerce and product sites, we can create and build a great site for almost any purpose.

WordPress Content Management

At CumbriaWeb we can create a tailor-made design website using the world's most popular Content Management System. Easy to update and highly cost-efficient this is the perfect choice for small businesses, microsites and blogs.

Support & Aftercare Plans

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes when you know you have a low cost support plan available to you.

Select the plan that best suits your budget and leave the rest to us.
Contact us for more details.

Photo Repair & Restoration

Coming soon!

Photo Clinic, a digital repair and restoration service which will be featured on our sister site at JadeDoes.it
As keen historians we know the value of old or damaged images and how much pleasure folks can gain if they see a worn, faded, torn or otherwise damaged photograph repaired, if not as good as the original, then at least to the nearest it can be. We can help bring back those lost or forgotten memories.

Drop by and check it out!

What do you need?

1A brand new website?

When it comes to getting on-line, there are so many choices it can be bewildering. At CumbriaWeb, with our experience in building websites, we can help guide you through the process from beginning to end, avoiding the great number of hurdles on the way. Each one of us is unique, so we’ll provide advice and answer your enquiries, but leave you to make the best decisions for you, your business or your organisation.

2Like the idea of WordPress?

We like WordPress because it is the most popular Content Management System in the world. We don’t just like it because it’s big, we like it because it’s beautifully adaptable. A platform that’s as customisable as it is usable. We can use it to develop a fully functioning website to your exact specifications, whilst giving you the freedom to change, rearrange or update it yourself at any point in the future. It’s that easy. Our consultancy service will help you to create a website that is uniquely yours, maximising security, advising on hosting, care & support and optimising future-ready performance.

3 Care and Support?

You can measure the quality of a web design agency by the standard of its service and aftercare. You might not be surprised to hear that many don't do such a great job of this. Attention is lavished at the outset, only to fall by the side of the road (or off the map altogether) once the project is 'complete'.
At CumbriaWeb it's different. We view each client and project as the start of a relationship. A relationship to invest in and nurture. Sound like a 'love-in' yep, you bet, it's the way to go. We want our clients to stick around and be with us awhile. We are all about service - we think that's right and proper and we hope you do too.